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How to enforce Firefox to update favicon

  Max Petrov February 2017

      Some difficulties occur when Firefox displays an updated version of the icon (favicon) on the site. Let's suppose that you have already put a new favicon on the hosting and now you want to see how it looks. But it will not work just now, Firefox will persistently display for your site the former favicon, and will not notice the new one.

      There is one and the same advice, which can be repeatedly found in the Internet - to clear the browser cache – but it will not help. Because Firefox (in particular, and maybe other browsers) keeps icons not only in the cache, but also in the history (Browsing & Download History), as well as in bookmarks. For example, after you have visited your site your site is displayed in the history together with its favicon. You can clear cache many times, but favicon will remain. The same is with the bookmarks.

      Thus, you need to clean two places by using the built-in Firefox tool: History of Browsing & Download (1) and Cache (2), and also you should manually delete the site from bookmarks. Then go to the site and reload the page. It works.

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