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Schultz's tables (Shultzstables.exe)

The program Schultz's Tables (Shultzstables.exe)

      The program Schultz's Tables (Shultzstables.exe) is a computer version of psychological test – Schultz's tables. The program generates the square tables with the side of 5*5, 10*10, 15*15 cells with a random filling of them by numbers. The passage of tables consists from sequentially search by the user of all numbers in the table. The program provides the ability to scale the tables, as well as to change the size of numbers (font) in cells. There are three variants of the passage of tables: without figuration the cells passed; with cleaning out the cells passed; with color accentuation the cells passed.

      Table of 5*5 cells, when the number of repeats (tables passed) is equal to five, is the standard test used in psychological practice. The time, spent on retrieving of all numbers from 1 to 25 in one such table, is normally about 45 seconds for each of the five tables opening in consequence. A significant increase in time of passage of the table by repeating the test indicates the mental exhaustion that may be a sign of trouble in functioning of nervous system.

      The program Schulz's Tables (Shultzstables.exe) will help in the development of peripheral vision and even in perfection of intelligence. The variant of table with filling of cells by the letters will be useful for training of speed reading skills. The variant of table of 15*15 cells is addressed to the owners of titanic mind.

      For Windows. Installation is not required. Settings are stored in a file created in the folder from which the program is started. It does not require any registration or passwords.

      The program is free for the end user. If you place the program for download on other resources, the hyperlink on is obligatory.

      Download (18 kb)


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